Be the canal

Never again.

Supposed to meet Shang. First thing he asked when he saw me was "What's wrong?"

"YY bite my phone" )':


Then I cried all over him. I love the dog, but I swear she has to stop biting my stuff. I just bought my phone! My touchscreen now has a few holes. Fuck. Blogging about it makes me feel worse. Back to my term paper. Byebye.
w/ yy

You are my wallpaper.

Woke up to shreds of paper on the floor. My two Harry Potter books became chew toys for YY. I cried because my HP set is no longer a set. There are fucking missing pages. Can't blame YY cause she's too young to know better.

Quarreled with tsw yesterday. I cried too, because I'm a wimp and there's nothing else I can do. I hate it you know? Quarreling with you. It's like no more happy place. No more pillar of stone. Can you please do something about it?

"Be my hero."
w/ yy

Sigh 18 times.

First birthday wish at 12 midnight,

tsw says:
*happy 18th, baby!
.jiayi                      feelin what you felt. says:
tsw says:
*ha ha
*sorry for not spending your bday with you
*i'll make it up to you somehow
.jiayi                      feelin what you felt. says:
*it's okay(:
*i love your locket!
tsw says:
*glad you do
*have fun today ok
*got to go school now
*sleep early, angel
.jiayi                      feelin what you felt. says:
*i will ;D

Omg? I'm 18 alr? Jidong. Plenty thanks to the people who called/texted/msned. As usual, many unknown numbers and new people. Most are shang's friends(: But this year, quite disappointed cause some good friends forgot maybe. Hmm )': Hope I get their text in the morning.

TC came over to my house minutes ago. SO FUNNY!!! They wanted to surprise me but they couldn't get through the security gate. In the end, had to call me to open it for them. ULTI LOSERRRR. Haha, kidding. Love all nine of you.

I received a lot of early presents. Hmm, I'll blog about it tonight. So tired now.

Happy birthday, Sky (twin)! HAHAH, I beat you to the birthday wish this year! We shall really really meet up next year ok?

one bite

Kick in the beer.

Zacariah brought me to Sketches today! I didn't know Bugis had such a great chill-spot. Hmm. I think Zacariah is very unique name. His friends call him Zac but I prefer Riah. RA-E-YA. He's a damn funny guy. Surprisingly easy to talk to especially since we just saw each other once and it was through sw. Haha. We were just chilling and started talking about everything. His life, my life. His Brenda, my Shang. Thanks for paying my bill! I will treat you to something next time :D

SHANG IS FINALLY ONLINE!!!! Hahahaha. You have no idea how long I waited. Anyway, I went into our joint blog this morning and on our tagboard was a message, "so jealous ><" from.........PASSERBY. Wtf?! Explain how a passerby can find our blog. I jidong-ed for damn long. Even texted sw to complaaaaaaaaain. Haha. Ohwels.

Met up with Rena last week. Shiokkkkkkkk. I think we only meet like twice a year? Hahaha. It was very fun though.

We just kept taking and taking and taking pictures. Went town, caught a movie, had dinner and she came to my house. HAHAHAHA. RENA KWOK IS DAMN AFRAID OF MY DOG. Super funny.

The earrings were like 90cents per pair only! :O:O:O

Despite the rare meetings, there were no awkwardness. So I'm quite sure we'll remain like this till you die as a lesbian and I a married woman. Haha. Rena Kwok Su Ling is the only person I'm sure will stand by me no matter what :D

Mad-eye moody/Eyewear fiesta!

The first time Beatrice, Evan and I hung out together. Haha. Quite fun. They came to my house after we ate and shopped @ Beauty World. Played with YY, and took loaaaaaads of pictures. We were playing around with the shades we just bought (FROM BEAUTY WORLD :O !!!) and my existing eyewear collection. It was like 50+ pictures consecutively. Just snap snap snap snap. I'm only gonna post 9 pictures though. HAHAHAHA. Too unglam.


Favourite Shot of the Day:

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Where can I find your twin?

Amusingly, the shit friends that I have, never asked me who I was referring to. Hahaha. Guess they know the answer already. Only people like Rena and Thomas, etc, dared to ask me.

Hmm, I have a box of tampons in my wardrobe now and I have no idea what to do with it :/ I only bought it cause Watsons ran out of sanitary pads the other time. Tampons hurt ): alot. Maybe I need to master the technique.

Went Plaza Sing to get some art materials and met up with Ian (IANNY BOY!!!!) at Raffles City. He gave me these...!!!

The box was frikong cute ok. Like damn small. Hahhaa.

I was just telling Rena the other day that they look scary and Ian gave 2 pairs to me. Hahaha. Nvm, I still love it and will wear it out :D

We chatted @ Spinelli until it was closing time.  I think I'm going to let Ian + the rest of TC meet tsw. I trust them(: For now, we see first ah. Haha. I love you guys. The best friends I have ever had :D:D:D

For now, FTW = Fuck the World.

Two things that are pissing me off now.

1. My I-banking device is gone. I have been looking for it for the past 53 minutes. I didn't lose it, someone STOLE it. Asshole.

2. I have lousy friends. Friends I am ashamed of and wouldn't have introduced to Tsw if I get to do it all over again. Seriously, it's so difficult to find friends who can be truly happy for you. I'm at my peak and they throw tantrums/get jealous/show attitude/don't care. I don't give a flying fuck about those people anymore. I won't even talk about tsw anymore. I'll just answer when necessary. Fyi, inference made from cross-referencing Tsw's feedback and my knowledge of their characters. Thanks fuckers, thanks for being my friend. (If you are wondering if I'm talking about you, don't bother asking me because I'm sure you are one of them.)

On the other hand, Rena, Mavis, Gina, and the boys from TC are the best. I think they are the only people who are really happy that I am happy. I love you guys :D
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yeah yeah, i'm lying. whatever?

Stop asking me to post pictures of tsw. Really. Nosy much? If you know, you know. You would have seen tsw at least once if you're a close friend. If not, too bad. I'm never going to post pictures of us. Not here. I know what will happen.

Was piecing up our blogskin just today, in lecture. Yep, joint blog of jyi and tsw. It'll have EVERYTHING, from daily updates to dates to internal affairs. All the JUICE and PICTURES you can find there. That is, if you can find it. Haha. Bet you're feeling pretty fucked up now. I know you can't wait to google for it. Go for it, doh. This is not a publicity stunt.

Received a shocking feedback today and this is the reason why I don't want to post pictures of tsw. I have no frikong idea why it's shocking anyway? It's so true. Just like what I said to Beatrice, "If I'm a little more sensitive than I am now, I would have felt very hurt." And she agrees. So it's not just me.

Like whoaaaaa, someone just slapped my mother trait back to my face: superficiality.


Fishing for what's mine?

Tsw came over the other day for a study session. I think it's so good to find someone to sit with you and just, read. It's so rare and cherished. When my eyes are tired, I'd just lie on babe's thigh. I've been so caught up in my assignments lately. One after another. It's good to have found company for studying.

Will blog webcam picts soon.

Love you much, babe.