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May 19th, 2009

Think it's so, think it's true.

Need I mention you always get me thinking?
It's never about how compatible we look together, or how your shirt looks gorgeous on you.

My heart bounces to my throat when your name appears on my Caller Id,
I smile when you throw something witty at me.
Responding to your remarks has never been easy. "Life is never easy," you say.
It's tedious to be on my toes all the time, just to not embarrass myself infront of you. But when we do get each other, it's all worthwhile.

I would never want to change you, you sadistic bastard.
You are not my charity case and it's an obligation because you never tried to change me either.
Let's keep ourselves and keep it this way.

Think I may have found you.

Never been there, never done that.

I'm in a very good mood today, and it started from last night :D The happppppppiness is.......I DON'T KNOW. Anyhows, blogging about the first Leo Fusion Gathering now.

It was a gathering of the closer ones throughout the entire camp. Had a potluck in school, coupled with games! Went very very well.

Sophie, Huei and I bought the stuff for games @ BTP before the event.

Slowly, people came and the foooooood increased.

People with their bringings.

Makan Time!

Then we got so bored with just eating and people started taking pictures.

Time for gameeeeeeeeeees. Not gonna go through the details of the game, just the gist.

The groupings.

FIrst up, Whipped Cream.


Second, the Act-Out game.

We just had to act out whatever we got and let the others guess.

My group got.....

Romeo & Juliet.

Then it was the Baaaaaalloon Game!

Sophie and I just escaped to some far away place. Damn scared ah.

Time-out! Damn tired, so we sat down to play Zhong Ji Mi Ma.

I had to kiss Sherman -.-

Back to the games, after all the rara-ing.
Passing Bread game! Intimate. Me likey.

Last one is Flourrrrrrr.

Sat down AGAIN for bonding games.

Then someone introduced us to H2O. Wah, the best running game ever.

Had supper together and reached home @ Midnight.
Had more gatherings subsequently! Keep a lookout for this space(:

Found you there, but I can't speak.

We had another fusion gathering, exactly a week after the first. Saturday FUSION STEAMBOAT!!! We're like damn on people huh.

Went shopping for steamboat ingredients together.

As expected, it was hosted in my house (before I moved house).
Sidetrack: I will take a picture of my room when I pack it. It's chioooooxzxz plus personalized!

Okay, back. So we took an hour shopping at NTUC. A big group do not shop well. Very messy, but fun.
Went back to my place and prepared the food.

The rest of us played Game of Life (AGAIN).

We got to eat about like 2 hours later (no idea why it took so long). Lunch just became high tea.

We bought yu sheng back to lao, cause it was the CNY season at that point of time. Fun man. Hahaha.

No poultry at all. Hahahaha. Budget.

Too many people, too small a table. SO EVERYBODY HAD TO STAND!

The people left one by one and the remainding ones got the chance to sit down!

Took pictures after the heavy meal. The Leo Fusion people are a bunch of cam-maniacs. Hahaha.

Went down for exercise. H20 again!

Though there were unhappiness sometime in the day, it will always be a great day with the Fusion people :D

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