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May 21st, 2009

Gonna make a U-turn to avoid you.

I have 129 pictures of when the entire class went to the National Museum, but I'm only gonna put a few here. I feel so lazy. School just began and I've already been absent for 4 days? Geez, I really need to starting sleeping before 4am.

Loved this. If I had a house with a mega high ceiling, this would be it.

Stairwell to a secret office, said to be haunted. Cool shit, but no entry. Spoiler.

It was fun, but doubt we would go back again.

I finished my essay last night! Woots. I really thought it would be a last-minute thing. Obviously my brain came back. Hoh.

I got myself a new mouse! Okay, it was a few months ago, but it's still relatively new.

It has diamantes on it!

On a random note, here's a picture of my cousins during CNY.

Let's stop it altogether.

Am I blogging too much? I think so, but I'm super bored and I don't know how to do citations.

I did an assignment with Farhana, Aifa, Fad and Khai for the first time last semester. Apparently, it turned out to be a blast. An A-worthy blast.

Did a skit and the rehearsals/props-making were all done in Farhana's house. Messed up the place. Haha.

The characters, Farhana, Khai and Aifa. I CAN'T FIND MY TAMIL PAPA PICTURE ):

HAHAHAHA, I had to do a collage just on Fad. News reporter, Fisherman and Tamil Mama.

The fishermen. Damn funny.

That's our "Tv Screen". Nice huh. Made it from scratch together.


Group picture. It was quite an experience working together :D

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