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May 28th, 2009


 I bought 4 rings today! Retail therapy. Stupid Evan was supposed to go shopping with me, but he went out w/ Vanessa. Got love don't want best friend already lor.

I know it's very pretty.

Don't die on me.

I had to redo the previous entry, cause it was too touch-and-go. AND YOU KNOW WHY? Because I was conferencing w/ Evan and Van at that time and they were ultimate distracting.

So anyway, I've always thought that blogs that go on and on about the bloggers' pets are so mediocre. Maybe even annoying. BUT I HAVE A FRICKING PUPPY NOW! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?

In order to shed light on my puppy and not be irritating at the same time, I will just do one long entry on her. That's it, unless there's a really cute picture. Then I'll post it up. Haha.

If you know me, you'd prolly know that my family went through some dire times for the last few years. Spilt, separated, cold wars. It all caused a strain in my emotional being. I cried, banged wall (serious), blamed the whole world and eventually, the end came for 'family'.

For the past 6 months, I've been busy with moving house &al. I'm finally living with my mum after 3 years. Mama knows I have no one to talk to, and she'll just be busy working, so she agreed to get a dog for me (SHE REFUSED FOR 17 YEARS OF MY LIFE, NO MATTER HOW HARD I BEGGED). Coincidentally, her friend's dog just gave birth to three puppies!

Before I even saw her, I've already picked out a name for her. Bobo Li Xiao Hei. Think I blogged about it once. But then Mama refused to accept the name cause Xiao Hei (Blackie?) clashes with her fengshui beliefs and she thinks it doesn't suit a female. *Rolls eyes. So changed it to Yuanyuan (YY) instead.

I waited super long before YY could come to my house, cause she needed her mother for feeding.

It was so difficult taking care of a puppy. I nearly gave up and even thought of giving her away. But I grew to love her more than anyone/anything. It's like my own child. Haha. I'm serious. Anyway, after this experience, I decided not to have kids in the future. Maybe I'll change my mind one day, but for now, NO.

YY is exceptional. Sometimes a little weird. And I'm not kidding.
    • She doesn't bark. At all. She's not mute though, because when she barks, it can bring down a tower.
    • She follows me everywhere. Toilet, bedroom, etc. The only thing that can stop her is food. Maybe strangers too.
    • She loves strangers.
    • She has the energy level of an athlete after 18 can of red bull.
    • She eats and eats and eats and eats and...eats.
    • She can chew everything and anything under the sky.
    • She doesn't like to watch Tv (I thought dogs do that?). She'd rather stare into plain air than the Tv.
    • She likes being hugged to sleep.

YY used to sleep in my backpack. She'd just crawl into it herself.

Then we got this rattan bed.

Evan, Sophie and Joanne came to my house sometime back to visit YY.

Mama loves YY alot, but I think she doesn't realize it.


HAHAHAHA, SO UGLY!!! Even my maid couldn't take it. Like some botak pok with moustache.

Seriously, can anyone not love her?

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