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June 1st, 2009

Think you painted us picture perfect.

Joanne had her 19th birthday in April and it was the first time we celebrated with her. We didn't do so last year, cause we weren't a clique yet. Evan, Sophie and I went to JP the day before to get her present and cake. Sophie left before we got the cake.

Evan decorating it. HE ONLY DID ONE LETTER CAUSE I WAS TOO AFRAID TO TRUST HIM. Hahahaha. I scared he screwed it up ah. But he did well.....for the one letter. Haha.

The bra's an inside joke. Shan't reveal it.

We went to her house the next day, like 8AM!? It was crazy. I was the earliest. THE NEHNEH POKS WERE ALL LATE. Tsk. To think I still took public transport.

The completed cake. Jo Man because Joanne acts like a man. Haha.

I have this video of Joanne acting SUPER weird, but I'm just too damn lazy to upload it onto Youtube :/ Her reaction to seeing us was ultraaaa funny. She can totally copyright it as her own style alr.


Sidetracking: Shots from MAYC's Twister. Don't ask me why we were playing Twister in class. You wouldn't understand.

Time for us to kiss irony.

I went Causeway Point twice in 2 weeks? Just to eat with Sophie and Evan. We had to travel all the way to WOODLANDS just because Evan had vouchers. It was ke-raaaaaaaaay-zeee. I've never even been to CWP my entire life.

First date: Seoul Garden.

I loveeeeeeeeeee Seoul Garden. It stinks, it's pricey, it's noisy, but me like.

Maybe it's our all-time favourite, GARLIC CHICKEN!!!

Okay, what's with the mega-loaded veggie?

Sophie went back to school for stayover. Evan and I stayed back to chat. Had so much to talk about! All the way to midnight, and it's still not enough. Jidongxz. Now we know cross-heart secrets about each other. Haha. Swore to secrecy.

Second date: Breeks. CWP again. Vouchers too.

Sophie's fondue. Siao man, fondue for dinner. AVOCADO AHHHHHHHH.

Mushroom cheese baked potaaaaaaato.

The three of us shared a cab home and met the nicest uncle. We should seriously have more dinners like this, so that we can talk talk talk and talk.

Random entries @ random times.

Out with the old:

In with the new:

Ian and Jor, thanks for sharing the cost with me(:

Aloysius @ Tiong:

Very tired now. Shall go sleep.

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