Jiayi (jaywhyeye) wrote,

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Hold on, forever.

 I think I finally met LOVE.

He just kept holding my hand. Everytime, everywhere. When we were walking to the plaza, when we were playing games, and when he was driving. The jolt of pleasure rushed and adrenaline rised again and again. How can this amazing feeling come from just a small connection? No kiss, no hugs, just intertwined fingers. Mine went so naturally against his, it's almost unreal. Or maybe it is.
He held me so gently against him when I had to leave. It wasn't a hug. It was a message that he was sorry to have to end the day, but tomorrow will come soon enough. I felt very safe there. This is the feeling you have to experience at least once in your life.

He had the personality of perfection. Kind, funny, thoughtful.

His careful words rang inside my heart after he left. I fell long and hard in love.
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