Jiayi (jaywhyeye) wrote,


Sophie asked me a few questions the other day.

When was my happiest moment?
When Daddy kissed Mummy on her birthday. I remember my brother and I giggling at the sight.
If I had a wish, what would I wish for?
My parents to get back together.

My whole life is about my family. Friends, lovers, they come and go all the time. Now, I'm about to lose myself, what I am made of. There is nothing I can do. I told Mummy not to tell me anything about the divorce she is going to initiate. Not when it is finalized, not when she is going to send the papers, nothing.

I cried painfully yesterday. Images played like a movie marathon through my head. If I had heard another person cry like I did, it would have broke my heart. I have no one to turn to.. It sucks to feel helpless.

Daddy just came home from Thailand 5 days early because he broke his hand into 3 parts. Fell from the roof of his boat, about 10 feet. It seems okay, but I'm still very worried.

I love Daddy. I love my family. What's there to do?
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