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Kick in the beer.

Zacariah brought me to Sketches today! I didn't know Bugis had such a great chill-spot. Hmm. I think Zacariah is very unique name. His friends call him Zac but I prefer Riah. RA-E-YA. He's a damn funny guy. Surprisingly easy to talk to especially since we just saw each other once and it was through sw. Haha. We were just chilling and started talking about everything. His life, my life. His Brenda, my Shang. Thanks for paying my bill! I will treat you to something next time :D

SHANG IS FINALLY ONLINE!!!! Hahahaha. You have no idea how long I waited. Anyway, I went into our joint blog this morning and on our tagboard was a message, "so jealous ><" from.........PASSERBY. Wtf?! Explain how a passerby can find our blog. I jidong-ed for damn long. Even texted sw to complaaaaaaaaain. Haha. Ohwels.

Met up with Rena last week. Shiokkkkkkkk. I think we only meet like twice a year? Hahaha. It was very fun though.

We just kept taking and taking and taking pictures. Went town, caught a movie, had dinner and she came to my house. HAHAHAHA. RENA KWOK IS DAMN AFRAID OF MY DOG. Super funny.

The earrings were like 90cents per pair only! :O:O:O

Despite the rare meetings, there were no awkwardness. So I'm quite sure we'll remain like this till you die as a lesbian and I a married woman. Haha. Rena Kwok Su Ling is the only person I'm sure will stand by me no matter what :D

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